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The YORK brand is one of the three brands offered by the company. This is a strategic brand in the company's portfolio, it is positioned in the "medium plus" price segment. This brand is the largest in terms of the number of assortment items. The name YORK offers a very wide range of products classified into the following categories: cleaning, washing, wardrobe and storage, bathroom accessories, kitchen, body care, shiny car. The brand provides a complete and universal set of articles for maintaining cleanliness and order around you – brooms, brushes, cloths, buckets, dishcloths, sponges, gloves and many other products. Products from the YORK brand are a perfect way for a friendly, harmonious home and a pleasant atmosphere. Using them is comfortable and effective which gives you time for small pleasures.

The variety of colors and forms makes the brand the core of the company's assortment. Products are offered in three basic color combinations: spring, flower and royal. When we were completing the portfolio of products in the YORK brand we were driven by the willingness to satisfy a wide and diverse group of recipients. This brand is a perfectly balanced combination of good quality, functionality as well as an attractive price. All is supplemented by impeccable packaging and carefully selected and prepared promotional materials.

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The YORK Prestige brand was created to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. It is a combination of sophisticated design, premium materials as well as modern colors which is confirmed by the classification of YORK Prestige assortment to the "premium" price segment. Products from this brand are, first of all, functional, ergonomic as well as attractive in terms of estheticism.

We have achieved the extraordinary character of YORK Prestige products due to a consistent use of the "DUO" idea. The "DUO" system is two-component structure of plastic products, namely the use of two basic types of plastics in the production process – an elastomer as well as polypropylene, the application of two types of bristle in brush products as well as two colors for the products. Ergonomic, anti-slippery handles with a "stop" system are another advantage of YORK Prestige products demonstrating their unique nature. Additionally, an uncompromising selection of raw materials and semi-finished products does not leave any doubts as to the premium quality of the YORK Prestige offer.

The products' colors definitely distinguish them from among all other products available on the market. As a result, the YORK Prestige assortment will not only help keep each interior clean but it will also make it more attractive.
Exellence at reasonable prices!

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York Beauty


York Auto


Produkty z sub-marki YORK Beauty stworzone do codziennej pielęgnacji ciała pomogą zachować doskonałą kondycję skóry jak i wesprą w walce z niedoskonałościami.

Kilkuminutowy masaż gąbką, rękawicą czy szczotką do masażu pod prysznicem pobudzi krążenie i poprawi wygląd i kondycję skóry. Również dla młodszych użytkowników mamy nie lada gratkę! Mini gąbeczki w kształcie uroczyć zwierzątek czy gąbki w zabawnych kształtach urozmaicą każda kąpiel maluszka, oswoją z wodą, a starszym dzieciom dadzą wiele radości podczas codziennych kąpieli.


YORK AUTO to sub-marka stworzona dla osób, które przede wszystkim cenią sobie bezpieczeństwo i efektywność podczas codziennej pielęgnacji samochodu. Gdy samodzielnie pielęgnujemy auto warto zaopatrzyć się w wysokiej jakości produkty, które jednocześnie nie zarysują karoserii, dadzą doskonały efekt oraz będą przyjemne w użytkowaniu.

Szeroka gama produktów YORK Auto, ich stylistyka a przede wszystkim skuteczność przekonały naszych Klientów i zyskały nowych użytkowników.
Seria specjalistycznych produktów do utrzymania samochodu w czystości, skutecznie pomogą dbać, pielęgnować i sprawią, że auto będzie Twoja wizytówką.





The idea behind the AZUR brand is connected with the philosophy of „smart shopping”. It is a well-thought brand, designed for clients, for whom the relation between the quality and the price is very important. The character of the brand and products is expressed by the combination of the need for keeping house clean, nice aesthetics, colour scheme and proved quality.

The offer includes basic products for maintaining cleanliness, indispensable in every household. Functionality of the products and their vivid colours are the reasons why these products are so willingly chosen by consumers. Smart shopping - only with AZUR brand!

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